Sunday Stash


Sunday Stash is a gourmet cookie dough delivery service featuring classic, nostalgic flavors enhanced by time-tested recipes and upgraded ingredients. We worked collaboratively with founder Sandy Jeong to translate the brand tenets into  irreverent-yet-deluxe visuals. Riffing on the “comfort food” aspect, we created custom typography for the logotype, with letterforms playfully leaning into each other. Sandy’s daughters (and baking buddies) served as inspiration for the logomark, which depicts them hugging a cookie. Following that lead, we illustrated a full set of various cookie contentment scenarios, and added a dash of lively colors to round out the brand recipe.


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  • Custom Typography
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Cookie dough comes frozen and pre-portioned (in statement-sized servings) for an effortless baking experience – and fresh, warm cookies. The ultimate convenient indulgence!