Standard Terms & Conditions

Fee Schedule
Payment will be due, in full, upon completion of the individual deliverables or the project as a whole, minus any deposits noted above.

Payment Terms
All invoices are due upon receipt or net 15. A late payment of 1% per month may be applied to unpaid invoices more than 60 days overdue. DEI Creative reserves the right to put a project on hold if required payments are
not made.

Deposits paid are non-refundable. Should the client change their mind or cancel a project after research, resources allocated or design work has commenced on a project, the initial deposit is forfeited, plus a pro rata payment based upon the time spent, if necessary.

Work & Schedule Changes
DEI Creative will charge $200 per hour to complete deliverables or additional reviews that go beyond the scope of work. When a project goes outside of the scope of work the client will be notified with a Project Addendum form. This form will define the additional work required and the estimated associated cost. The client must approve this form for project work to continue. If the type or amount of work changes significantly in a project, DEI Creative reserves the right to re-bid the entire or deliverable or project.

In addition, DEI Creative may charge a 2% delay penalty on the total sum of contract for a significant shifting of schedule timing or start date. Any shift in the schedule due to a delayed start or client changes will change the design schedule accordingly.

Client Responsibilities
DEI Creative will design deliverables based on information provided by the client will make every reasonable effort to assure the accuracy of the material produced. It is important that all client-provided details be accurate and timely to prevent scope and schedule changes. It is the client’s responsibility to gain usage rights and confirm accuracy of any provided content, copy, logos, trademarks, images, etc. Also, the client is responsible for any zoning permits needed for environmental marketing. DEI Creative will not be responsible for loss, damage, or unauthorized use of materials, and is not responsible for the actions of any hired vendors/suppliers.

The work done in this project is done in partnership with DEI Creative and the client. Just as DEI commits to delivering on the determined schedule, the client will need to perform their duties on that same schedule, providing feedback and approval in a timely manner.

The client shall indemnify DEI Creative against all claims and expenses, including attorney fees, due to uses of text, illustration, photography, third party copyrights or trademarks, or other intellectual property content provided to DEI Creative by the client.

Transfer of Rights
With receipt of full payment, DEI Creative will transfer usage right on all final designs to the client, not including any 3rd party, non-transferable software.

Intellectual Property
Early in the design cycle DEI Creative will show concepts, comps, and visuals that are solely for the purpose of demonstrating an idea or message. The client does not receive legal title to or permanent possession of these items. The client will only be transferred rights of the single concept that is brought through to completion.

Once the project has been completed and released to the public, DEI Creative has the right to add the client’s name and project to our website, and the right to enter the work into design competitions. DEI Creative also reserves the right to show the completed project to other companies as a demonstration of previously completed work.

Where appropriate, we may decide to include a small credit in the footer of websites reading “Website by DEI Creative”. When printing collateral, we will request a small number of printed samples for demonstrative purposes. Finally, DEI Creative reserves right to photograph environmental projects that we have designed.

DEI Creative will keep client information confidential and share only what is needed to accomplish objectives. The relationship between DEI Creative and the client is not exclusive. DEI reserves the right to work with a variety of clients.

Contract Termination
Either party reserves the right to terminate this contract without cause at any time. Parties agree that DEI Creative will be promptly compensated for services performed and/or associated costs, based on enclosed project scope, up until date that DEI Creative receives notice or gives notice of agreement termination.

Prices quoted are valid 30 days from the date of proposal.

DEI Creative agrees to provide all services listed under “Scope of Work” for the stated fees. Client agrees to pay all stated fees and expenses incurred during and related to the project.

The above is an agreement with both parties with understanding of all terms.