University Village


University Village is the premier, open-air retail destination for Seattle shoppers. Known for its California-inspired vibes and top-tier boutiques and restaurants, U-Village welcomes those seeking the finer things in life, or heck – even just a stroll around the meticulously maintained grounds.

An icon in destination shopping, the mall has been on the scene for almost 70 years. Accordingly, the team at U-Village felt it was time for a refresh of their website to appeal to a new generation of digitally-native patrons.


  • Illustration
  • UX + UI
  • Web Design + Development

Live Website — Try Me!

We introduced a bold, funky palette and fresh typography – giving the site an immediate lift, and leaving an impression of sophistication and modernity. Custom iconography was woven through all facets of the site, adding a playful touch to complex systems of information. These icons and illustrative pieces were put to work in a custom interactive map, developed in-house to communicate the array of amenities available to customers. Finding your way never looked this fashionable.