King County Sexual Assault Resource Center


King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC) is a free resource and comprehensive toolbox for those seeking guidance in cases of sexual assault.  Their expertise works to empower survivors/families to find the help they need, get answers to key questions, and navigate sensitive situations in a safe space. Our partnership with KCSARC  began with a robust strategic discovery phase, allowing us to uncover guiding principles for the website’s redesign, and understand its blend of users at a foundational level.  


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Print
  • Strategy
  • Web Design + Development

Live Website — Try Me!

Through months of research and stakeholder interaction, we gained insights that shifted the base of our design thinking – proof that asking the right questions early on can uncover what we should design, rather than could design. This necessary legwork also allowed us to understand the website’s multi-cultural needs, and place accessibility at the forefront. Not only should KCSARC’s extensive breadth of content be uncomplicated to find, but users should feel safe throughout their visit and face minimal friction when seeking immediate help.

Overall, the website has worked to remove barriers for survivors to get the comprehensive support they need, and unmute voices that often go unheard.

Most importantly, the  design had to evoke humanity and cultivate trust. As a result, the new website was launched hand–in-hand with updated branding that spoke to key demographics with warmth and compassion. We believed that a broad illustration library would be a useful tool to communicate complicated issues in an approachable way.