Fabian Flower Farm


Fabian Flower Farm is a passion project run by husband and wife team Haley and Jacob Rice on a southern inlet of Olympia, Washington. With a flourishing community that looks to Haley as a resource for cultivation methods, they enlisted People People to create a visual brand that reflected their story of growth through flower farming.


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Messaging
  • Print

Because of Haley’s active engagement on the farm’s social platforms, the brand has become an extension of her personality. We created a custom illustration as a primary logomark, cementing the audience’s connection to Haley as the face of the brand.

A variety of typefaces were used throughout the brand, from the sturdy logotype – reminiscent of heirloom seed packets – to a friendly serif for the tagline we coined, making for a visual experience that feels as carefully crafted as the bouquets from the farm.